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There are many extremely useful collections of design and research methods, design systems, design principles, etc. But when you actually need one, you can never find it (at least, that’s often my case). So here’s a living repository of useful repositories — The Meta Repo.

👉 Leave a comment if you know of a useful collection which is missing. The list is then going to be more useful for everyone 🌎

🧠 Behavioural and cognitive science


Bite-sized behavioural research insights.

Mental models

A guide exploring more than 100 mental models and explains them in an easy-to-understand way.

Mental notes behaviour cube

By Stephen P. Anderson. A great and playful way to have a reminder of various psychological effects always close to you.

The psychology of design

A good overview of cognitive biases and principles that affect UX, from Growth Design.

Laws of UX

A collection of best practices that designers can consider when building user interfaces.

🎨 Design systems

Design Systems Repo

An organised and frequently updated collection of design system examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.

Adele repository

A repository of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries from UXpin.

Awesome design systems

A structured overview of design systems curated on Github by Alex Pate.

🧭 Design principles

Design principles

An open source collection of Design Principles and methods.

Design principles FTW

A collection of design principles.

🪄 UX methods Design Kit

Design Kit is's platform to learn human-centred design.

Stanford tools

Tools for taking action: A curated collection of design thinking resources.

IBM's design thinking

The IBM's toolkit of design thinking activities.

UX methods bank

A comprehensive collection of UX methods and techniques from UX Mastery.

UX project checklist

Andrea Soverini's structured list of UX activities divided into project stages.

Service design tools

A collection of service design methods and tools.

This is service design doing

54 hands-on descriptions that help you do the key methods used in service design.

UX Research Cheat Sheet

A list of research methods and activities from Nielsen Norman Group.

Service design methods for libraries

Design processes and methods specifically for libraries but applicable to any service, from KISK.

100 methods (in Czech only)

A collection of innovation methods from KISK.

Participatory Design Techniques

An evolving resource for participatory design research techniques from CFC Media Lab.

🎲 Workshop techniques and plays


A set of co-creation tools used by innovators around the world.

📚 UX books

Monster list of UX books

An amazingly structured compilation of UX books, by Chris Oliver.

Graphic design reading

A great resource of graphic design books, websites and articles. Reading list

A's staff favourites: a selection of design thinking books.

📈 Stats for your desk research

Our world in data

The goal of OWiD is to make the knowledge on the big problems accessible and understandable.


Insights and facts across industries and countries.

🆓 Free design assets

UX choice's list

40 free design resources in categories such as free fonts, icons, illustrations, photos or videos.

📱 Screen flows and UX examples

Really Good UX

Examples of really good UX, by Appcues.

UX Archive

A collection of app flows.

App fuel

A collection of app flows and screens.

🛠️ UX software and tools

UX tools

A detailed and categorised breakdown of features on all the major UX design tools.

UX research tools map

A great and fun to use map of UX research tools from User Interviews.

🃏 UX card decks

IDEO method cards

A tool to showcase methods IDEO use to inspire great design. Liberatory design cards

A toolkit for practicing liberatory design.

UXD cards

75 UX cards to help clients understand design methods and create a design process together.

Mental notes

50 insights from behavioural psychology and suggestions on how to apply them to web design.

💪 Bonus: Emoji repos


Make your next presentation a bit more fun.

Text faces

Plain text? No problem, use the good old text faces.

Many thanks to all contributors 👏

  • Angel Jaime for sharing with me the Mental Model Overview
  • Petr Kosnar for reminding me of
  • Tomáš Gluchman for reminding me of the

If you know of a useful collection that is currently missing, please share it below in the comments. Thanks!

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